13 Questions: John Carpenter would like to make a Western

John Carpenter wears many hats. A director, screenwriter, producer, musician, editor and composer, he is now of the midst of  bringing back one of the most popular horror/slasher franchises – Halloween. I contacted in over e-mail earlier this week with a set of questions. He was quite prompt in his replies, and here they are:


You have done everything from sci-fi romance to straight up slasher. What’s the one genre you’d like to explore more?


With such a body of work, what is your favorite film?

I suppose THE THING.

What are your thoughts on situational horror?

I don’t know what situational horror is.

With psychological horror becoming the flavor of the decade, do you think slasher still has a place?


The Halloween series has weathered decades, which is one other film you’d want to make a franchise out of?

None of them. 

Your music compositions are iconic. How was the process of composing music for your films?

It was difficult. I simply rely on instinct. 

Which is your favorite composition?

I don’t have a favorite.

Which is your favorite horror film in recent times?


Have you ever watched a Bollywood (Indian) horror film? What were your thoughts about it?

I have never seen a Bollywood film. I am unfamiliar with the Bollywood film industry.

Reboots, franchises or new material, what do you think young film-makers should go for?

Whatever they (the audience) responds to

How is the Halloween reboot coming along?


How true will the new Halloween movie be to the tone of the earlier Halloween films?

You will have to wait and see.

What’s the one difference you see in the film making process and the film making process back then?

It was cheaper back then. 

While the answers are short and to the point, they do come up with some surprises. For example, a director like John Carpenter not seeing a Bollywood film ever is a huge surprise. I hope someone rectifies it, or maybe I will, pretty soon.


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