4 Horror/Zombie Films make ToC's 20 Worst Films in the 21st Century

Taste of Cinema is one of the best websites for insights into Hollywood. The lists are great and provide good information. Now, the website has listed 20 worst films from the 21st century. Of course, horror and sci-fi films are part of this list. We bring you the 4 that made the cut:


#16 Bloodrayne:

This is a shoutout to all those boys who upgraded their gaming graphics card to  play this game. The brutality and gore shown in the film was unheard and unseen. This was also one of the first games that the third person view right. With a wafer thin storyline, this was every gamer’s dream come true. When the film was announced, it created quite a buzz. It was also one of the first games-to-film. However, the bad reviews of the film really hurt and it’s anyone’s guess if any gamer actually made their way to watch this film. Bloodrayne was by Uwe Boll, the guy who is behind other miracles like ‘Dungeon Siege’. Bloodrayne actually had a sequel, so we think Hollywood still thinks a half vampire/half woman slashing through hordes of vampires is a good film idea.


#14 Ouija:

What could go wrong with a horror film that has Michael Bay at the helm? So much that the film turns out to be one of the worst made in the 21st century, it seems.  In hindsight, it’s simple where the film falters – as soon as the audience sees thcrat an inanimate object is at the center of the plot, they keep their eyes peeled to see whether the film-makers are looking to just peddle some merchandise. That takes away the soul of the film. We aren’t talking Hellraiser here, because that was a McGuffin, not a merchandise disguised as a plot point.

Second, there’s no reason to see a film like Ouija. Aren’t there thousands of films that talk of kids doing something to something that they shouldn’t and that turns out to be haunted? The only two films with objects in the title or as central characters that have been fun are ‘Jumanji’ and ‘Child’s Play’.  How somebody can better that is yet to be found out.


#12 The Fog:

John Carpenter’s name is gold in the horror circuit. So, when his name was slapped around producer of ‘The Fog’, there was enough buzz around the film. If you look at cast of The Fog, it reminds you of the horror film circuit in Bollywood. Take some stars from the small screen and get them to the big screen and at least their fanbase will make its way to the theaters.

Here’s a secret about tinseltown. Film-makers think that bringing TV stars to film will make them millions. That logic isn’t incorrect. TV stars have a hyper, rabid following which, if tapped the right way, they can make the producers millions – even if the film itself is nothing great. So, this time it was Maggie Grace from Lost who worked in her first mainstream film. Even so, The Fog was panned all over and didn’t make Maggie the overnight star people thought she’d become.


#8 Alone in the Dark

Don’t let them fool you. Alone in the Dark is the game that changed the concept of horror themed game overnight. This was another game for which gamers upgraded their videocards. Therefore, it’s surprising how bad the film that was inspired from it fared at the box office. Once again, this one is helmed by Uwe Boll. Some consider him to be one of the worst directors ever – but we can’t be a judge of that. Alone in the Dark makes the list of The Worst Films Ever Made too. Not just that, various reviewers have slammed the film for the bad acting, the jump cut of screenplay and the basic fact that it had no connection to the game.


#4 A Haunted House 2 

Here’s a tip. Nobody likes horror comedy. It doesn’t work with the majority of the audience. Even in India, they made ‘Haunted 3D’, which made more than its money but horror fans rolled their eyes at the infusion of comedy in the film. A Haunted House 2 as a full fledged comedy that was a sequel to the film of the same name, minus the 2.  Critics have ripped the film apart, with some of them awarding this film 0 stars.

These are the 4 horror/zombie films that made their way into the list of worst films made in the 21st century. What do you think about these? Tell us in the comments section.

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