5 House Horror Films that spooked us all

Siddharth, Andrea Jeremiah and Atul Kulkarni return to screens with The House Next Door, a psychological horror film based on a true story. Siddharth and Andrea play a young couple who’s just moved to a remote location. Their life changes when a neighboring girl is possessed and the danger is now very near them. House horror has been part of Bollywood horror trope for a while now. We list 5 must-watch house horror films that will prepare you for The House Next Door

#1 13B (2009)

13b is one of those rare Bollywood films that became famous just with word of mouth. This Bollywood horror film was later on made in Tamil. 13B’s script was very novel for its time and certainly different from almost every Bollywood horror film we’d seen. A young man and his family move into a new house. The womenfolk of the family get instantly hooked on a television series that’s eerily similar to the real life of the family.  As the coincidences become more and more brutal, the man has to find out what’s about to make life difficult for his family.

#2 Bhoot (2003)

Ram Gopal Verma’s classic psychological horror that gave new life to the horror genre in India. Starring Ajay Devgn and Urmila Matondkar as a couple who moves into a new house, the film is known as the turning point towards modern Bollywood horror. Urmila Matondkar was amazing as the woman who is having psychological episodes and Ajay Devgn plays the husband who finds it difficult to believe in the supernatural. The film is now available on YouTube:

#3 Wohi Bhayanak Raat (1989)

This Retro Bollywood horror film has aged well. Kiran Kumar plays a vampire who’s moved into a new house – and his next-door neighbor suspects that he is a blood-sucking vampire. Of course, the film is told from the next door neighbor’s perspective. Wohi Bhayanak Raat is the Hindi remake of another south film. Vinod Talwar directed this film.  Read my review of Wohi Bhayanak Raat here.  You can watch the film here:


#4 House No. 13 (1991)

House No. 13 has some great kitsch horror sequences. If there’s a Bollywood horror film that’ll show you the tone of Bollywood horror, this is the film you should watch. A family moves into a bungalow and that’s when all hell breaks loose. One by one, the male members of the family are killed. First, the grandfather and then the elder son meet their untimely death. Then, the younger son’s wife is possessed and a girl from the family simply disappears. Heady stuff, this. You can read the review of the film here.

#5 Vaastu Shashtra (2004)

Sushmita Sen starred in this RGV produced film. It didn’t work too well at the box office, but the story’s pretty interesting. JD and Sushmita Virag and Jhilmil play a couple who move into a house with their two children and Jhilmil’s sister, Radhika. As both JD and Jhilmil become busy, their children begin befriending imaginary friends. One by one, the members of the family die and it is up to Jhilmil to unravel the secret.


The House Next Door releases this week. You can see that trailer here:

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