7 Bollywood Halloween Movies: Raaz is the film that revived Bollywood Horror

It’s one week to Halloween and world over, horror fans are making lists of the films that they are watching. Being a horror fan in India is difficult. Newsworthy horror films are few and far between. It is still an acquired taste. Even so, I am compiled a list of 7 Bollywood horror films¬† that changed the horror genre for Bollywood. Make sure to add these to your Halloween movies list! Here’s my first addition to the list:


For many, the golden era of Bollywood horror ended with the Ramsay Brothers’ Shaitaani Ilaaka in 1993. Even the other pulp directors like Vinod Talwar and Mohan Bhakri were no longer making one-film-a-year. This gave rise to the so called zero budget horror film industry which relied more on sleaze than any horror. Post 1993, Bollywood horror films literally had a guy wear a bear suit and molest/sexually molest a big bosomed woman and that passed as horror. It’s no wonder that a horror film gets an Adults certificate with an immediate effect.

Horror enthusiasts had given up on seeing any horror coming out of a Bollywood horror film, until Vishesh Films came out with Raaz, a film that had an instant classic horror story soaked in oodles of sensuality in the form of Dino Morea, Bipasha Basu and Malini Sharma.

Raaz was very, very different from all the horror films that Bollywood had ever since till date. The backstory of the spirit that haunts had emotions and was quite layered. The highlights of this Bollywood horror film were the intimate scenes between Bipasha and Dino, who were a real-time couple at that time. With them, gone was the bawdy humor and the amatuerish, badly made soft-porn look that were by then a trademark of the bad Bollywood horror films that were available at that time.

Bipasha Basu since then has been part of several films of all genres but she will always be remembered as India’s modern scream queen – the one who took the crown from the likes of Sahila Chadha and Aarti Agarwal.

This Bollywood horror film also brought back situational horror and horror elements other than zombies, blood soaked bodies, skulls and what not. It also tried to give some legitimacy to the plot point that was a sore point for several Bollywood horror films – the godman who’d come outta nowhere to defeat the ghost and spirit.¬† Watch the trailer here:

You can watch the gist of the film here:

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