7 Halloween Movies: Gehrayee is an incredible Bollywood Horror script

Gehrayee released in the 1980s with a star cast that couldn’t get the masses to the theaters. This Bollywood horror film is actually an underrated gem. Not only does it spin one of the best and relevant scripts for Bollywood in general, it tackles several other aspects like the caste divide, the poor and rich divide and the aspects like the attachment that the poor have to material things. It is surprising to find such layered and contextual story in what’s essentially a retro Bollywood horror film.

Gahrayee is an incredible psychological horror film.

A rich landlord Chennabasappa (Shriram Lagoo) lives with his wife (Indrani Mukerji) and Uma (Padmini Kolhapure. As his son Nandish (Anant Nag) returns from town, Basappa decides to sell off a piece of his estate. This triggers a series of events that shake everyone’s belief in what’s correct and what’s not. It’s now up to Nandish to unravel the truth and calm down everything.

Padmini Kolhapure gave an incredible performance as a young girl who’s having paranormal experiences.

Unfortunately, Gehrayee is known outside horror film circles mainly because of a scene that had Padmini Kolhapure posing nude with her back to the camera. That scene gained more notoriety when Padmini’s rape scene from the mainstream film Insaaf the Tarazu became the talk of the town.

Amrish Puri’s character symbolised everything that was wrong with Indian society.

Gehrayee is one of those rare Bollywood Horror films that don’t depend on light-work, sound effects, and sleaze to get the point across. In fact, in most of the horror scenes, there’s no background music and the intensity of the scene comes only because of some fantastic performances by everyone involved.

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