7 Halloween Movies: Mahakaal was new blood for Bollywood Horror

The naughty nineties had truly set in for Bollywood. Horror films were changing – but the change was slow and rutting. There was always an audience for zombie like creatures chasing skimpily clad women in a well-maintained but abandoned haveli, but directors were being bitten by the ‘something different bug’ and Mahakaal is a great example of that.

The film starred Kunika and Archana Puran Singh, two of the most sizzling hot beauties back and the day and the director knew what he had to do. The story is heavily inspired by the Nightmare films, but you can trust the Ramsays to put an Indian twist to it.

Basically, the story was of a woman who’s having disturbing nightmares about a man with steel claws killing her. As time passes, she finds that her friend is having the same nightmares – and not just nightmares, there are now physical proof that someone is trying to kill the women who have these nightmares.

In the early nineties, Arachana Puran Singh, Amita Nangia, Kunika and other such young and upcoming actresses were adding the glamour aspect to Bollywood horror films. The censors had also relaxed their grip a bit on films, so there was a satisfying amount of blood and gore in the Bollywood horror films of that decade.

You can watch the whole film for free on YouTube here:


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