A Gunda screening is on the cards, thanks to 1018MB

Bollywood pulp film fans, if you are in Mumbai and are free on 24 January, you should make a beeline for the first ever screening of Gunda, that iconic, epic film that’s been an inspiration to everyone who ever loved the more colorful side of Bollywood.

Gunda is one of Kanti Shah’s most infamous films. It could be the first pulp Bollywood film that many such-film-lovers experienced. It stars Mithun Chakraborty, Mukesh Rishi, Shakti Kapoor, Deepak Shirke and many, many others who are quite frankly, the Gods of Pulp Bollywood.

If memory serves me right, this was one of the films that were brutally censored – with some newspapers even saying that the film had seen more than 100 cuts, all due to the vulgarity in the dialogues. The film, itself, is a typical mafia drama trope. Gunda was almost forgotten until Chetan Bhagat got in right, front and center.

Even so, it is notoriously difficult to get your hands on Gunda. The only legit copy is one on YouTube. But come on, this is a golden chance to watch one of the most infamous films on a screen which is as big as it gets and with like-minded people!

Gunda is part of India’s pop-bop culture and Bollywood fans put this title right with films like Plan 9 from Outer Space and Manos: Hands of Fate. You can book your tickets here:


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