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SaamriCom is one man’s endeavor to curate the best of retro Bollywood pulp films, be it horror, fantasy, action or just obscure cinema and bring it in the best quality possible to fans. SaamriCom is a startup, and this idea of curating Bollywood retro content needs your help. Here’s why you should help:

At the time of writing, SaamriCom is the only website that strives to curate retro Bollywood pulp content. There is simply no other website that has Indian horror/supernatural/fantasy at its heart. If you advertise with SaamriCom, you support a one-of-a-kind website.

We have more than 200 visitors per day, accessing more than 400 views, people who are only  interested in Horror films. This is a one of a kind target market.

I do diligent research and brings to  viewers only links to only legit, good quality version of their most loved films.

I browse through entire YouTube playlists to ensure that the best quality video is shared for the film we are talking about.

I believe in the great content source that the Internet is. SaamriCom readers will never find a ad-link in the content of the website. Links will always be on the sidebar, and clickable at the discretion of the reader.

If you believe this site made by fans should exist, please contact me using the Contact Form below:

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