Haq Se introduces cannibalistic killer to mainstream

Where do you think you will see the character or a cannibalistic killer in Indian content? Anywhere but in something that’s made under the Balaji banner, right? Well, ALTBalaji, the streaming platform that Balaji runs now has a new web series, Haq Se. The series is based on the popular novel Little Women – and this would be the last place to see an alleged cannibalistic killer, but here we do!

Haq Se is set in the scenic locales of Kashmir and tells the story of the Mirza family. The Mirza family has four sisters and all of them are struggling to live life on their own terms. One of them, the eldest,  played by Surveen Chawla, signs up as an intern for a dreamy doctor (Rajeev Khandelwal). Until here, the story is a typical Mills and Boons, but it’s after this that the twist’s given out – Apparently, the good doctor could be a cannibalistic murderer who could have killed his wife.

Bano2_Haq Se

Well,  it’s rare for a mainstream Indian series to have even an alleged killer as a main character. It’s granted only the initial five episodes of the web series are up for streaming,  but at least until now, I can safely say that this is not a comedy track. Let’s see how this forms up. Haq Se starts streaming on the ALTBalaji channel from February 2.



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