Ash Mountain Films bring indie horror film Nefarious

Ash Mountain Films created the very watchable indie horror film Dogged. Their next project is titled Nefarious. The latest tweet reveals it’s a home invasion horror film and is in post production stages.  This indie horror film has an impressive poster. It has a unique, 80s feel to it and looks straight out of a pulp horror book from that era.  The film’s official Twitter account is showing off all that we can expect. A recent tweet gave a glance at the kind of prosthetic work  – perfectly indie. The Twitter account also revealed the star cast – Justin Cosh and Omari Lake-Pottinger. Richard Rowntree, who earlier directed Dogged will return as director for Nefarious. Other cast members are Toby Wynn-Davies, Nadia Lamin, Gregory A. Smith and Darren Lou.

According to it’s IMDB page, the indie horror film is about four people, Darren, Lou, Jo and Mas, who are indebted to a local criminal. Marcus and his mentally handicapped brother Clive win a lottery ticket and become very rich. Life brings these six individuals together because of a botched robbery and things go haywire.  The Kickstarter page reveals that the makers are not making a run of the mill slasher film, but a film where the real horror lies in the human psyche. The makers  reveal that the indie horror film is a home invasion horror and not a supernatural horror with witches and warlocks.

Home invasion horror is a genre that’s not really explored as yet. Some big ticket films have, but they are few and far in between. It is interesting to see a indie horror film exploring this concept. This year, the film closest to home invasion was Jennifer Lawrence’s Mother!,  a film that opened to polarizing but great reviews. The psychological thriller film was also controversial for the depiction of violence and gore. Another film that was based on horror in homes in Get Out!, which was critically acclaimed for its plot and the performances.

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