Bhaiyya More Mixes Horror With Festival Verve

Terribly Tiny Tales has the best content . They’re video stories are a class apart. Rajat Bharmecha brings to audiences a unique short film, Bhaiyya More. It’s Rakhi time.Content creators will launch their rakhi specials, but Rajat’s story stands out. Bhaiyya More strikes the right chord between horror and comedy. It actually is a light hearted horror film, if there can be one.

The premise of the short film is simple. A brother is rushing to meet his sister on the occasion of Rakhi. He’s driving through a dense forest when he meets with an accident and comes across a mysterious woman who promises to help him out.┬áThe actors, Rajat, Seema Pahwa and and Imran Rashid seem to be having fun with their roles. Seema Pahwa is excellent as the mysterious woman. Here’s the rest of the cast and crew:

Written and directed by Vicky Barmecha.

Producers – Chintan Ruparel, Anuj Gosalia

Creative Producers – Sharanya Rajgopal, Chintan Ruparel

Cast – Rajat Barmecha, Seema Pahwa, Imran Rashid, Pracchi Batnagar

Dialogues – Sharanya Rajgopal, Ankur Sharma

Executive producer- Shraddha Chauhan

Line producer – Palak Jain, Rohan Shah

Creative director – Ritwik Bhowmik

Costume – Shilpi Agarwal

Make up – Shoma Art – Nitin Murlidharan

DOP – Anil Pingua

Editor & colorist- Tapasvi Mehta VFX – Drishyam VFX

Sound – Arka Ghosh

Music – Dhawal Tandon

Casting – Shaarika Pandit

Still photographer- Anupa Shah

Team ttt – Pracchi Batnagar, Shameen Khatri, Vish Pijwala, Kshitij Jatale

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