Bollywood hasn’t given horror it’s due as yet: Nishant Malkani

Nishant Malkani will soon hit the streaming screens with Ragini MMS Returns. The series is one of the most anticipated ones from the house of ALTBalaji. I got in touch with Nishant over e-mail a couple of days ago and asked him about Ragini MMS Returns and his thoughts on the horror genre in India. Here’s the transcript:


How did Ragini MMS Returns happen?

Well, I was auditioning for many a shows when this one fell in my kitty.

How was it working with the cast?

It was amazing working with the entire cast and crew. My major interaction has been with Riya. And my love for her is known by one and all.

How different is it shooting for a web series as compared to a TV series?

There’s not much difference in terms of the hard work and improvisation that goes in the making of any show. One big difference is that web shows are finite.

Ragini MMS Returns is being projected as an erotic horror. Do you think erotica has its place in horror, or is it over done?

I think it’d be wrong to tag it as an erotica as eroticism is no more restricted to horror movies any more. Nor is it any more a topic that people would hype over. But since horror has very few elements to it, eroticism shines over.

You have earlier been part of Horror Story. Horror is seeing a boom now. Why do you that’s happening?

The genre of horror has still not been given its due in India as much as it is outside. As Indians we are more drawn towards love stories and family dramas. But the times are gradually changing. Our audiences want diversified entertainment. And horror is always an experience.

India has horror films since 5 decades. The Ramsays started it, Ram Gopal Varma changed it and Vikram Bhatt owned it. Which type of horror films do you like?

There’s no type. As the root is the same. Any movie that I find gripping enough and asking for More is my type of film.

And which are your favourite Hollywood horror films?

Paranormal Activity really freaked me out. And the conjuring series too.

Do you think web series will boost horror content in India?

Web series are opening way more avenues for newer voices and expansion. That applies to every genre. Horror, too.

The Ramsays came back to web series with Phir Se Ramsay. Do you think their type of film-making will work today? If not, what do they need to do?

They’ve carved their own niche in the industry and have displayed exemplary body of work. They are any day a better judge than me to identify what audiences want.

What do you personally think about Ragini MMS becoming the first Indian franchise to cover films as well as web series?

I’m exhilarated. More so because I got the privilege to be a part of it. Ragini is a brand in itself. And it’s amazing the way it is expanding and catering to all audiences and age groups.

Do you think web series is the right medium for upcoming actors and film-makers?

As I said, web series is a great platform for expansion. Therefore it gives opportunities to newer voices with immense freedom for creativity. It is a perfect medium for artists to follow their own instinct and not just restrict themselves to catering to the needs of audiences.

What’s your favourite Bollywood web series?

I enjoy a lot of TVF web series

And foreign?

Don’t even get me started. I’m a Netflix addict. Too many to mention.

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