X Zone is a modern day Gumnaam

Internet chatter today morning was about a film that’s apparently banned by the CBFC – Faisal Kapadi’s X Zone.  News hasn’t yet tricked out well, but ScoopWhoop says that the film has been ‘apparently’ banned, while Quint isn’t miserly with their words or confidence.

There’s no denying that horror films and their ilk have a difficult time at the Censor Board, and not without good reason. The unsaid rule is that a horror film automatically gets an Adults certificate, which automatically cuts off a good percent of the probable audience.

Horror film-makers of the 90s have routinely pushed the envelope, routinely peddling soft porn in the name of horror. Acclaimed director Prawal Raman has called out the ‘horrex’ concept while giving interviews during the promotional leg of his horror film, Dobaara: See Your Evil.

So, we were interested in what the film is all about. Bollywood horror films are notorious for not getting a lot of press. So, we looked around and found out what the film was all about. Here’s the official synopsis, a bit long,  of the film from the director’s website:

The first scene begins with  a man banging  a door  open forcefully..  He is dressed in a hurry and hasn’t even worn his clothes properly. With  his shirt carelessly unbuttoned and crumpled,  he runs frantically into  the jungle. Looks behind to see if anyone is  following him… as if  he is running away from something.  Finally, he  reaches a sea shore and   turns towards his boat.

Diana, a filthy rich, extrovert, today’s woman is deceived by her boyfriend Hardick.  She had been dating him for a long time but  catches him red-handed,  sleeping with another woman.  Her fury knows no bounds and she threatens him with dire consequences. A month passes by after the incident. Diana, appears to have  got over from the incident  and enjoys a  lavish life bestowed by her father, a multi-billionaire.

One fine day, she calls up her best friend Ishi and her boyfriend Sid to surprise them with a holiday she has planned over the coming weekend. They meet up to discuss the same and Diana, excitedly,  shows them the pictures of the island on which she is planning  the  weekend off.  She  reveals to her friends that she has moved on in life with someone new.

Both Ishi  and Sid seem very excited at the prospect of a fun  weekend at an exotic island. However, Sid has some other plans. He asks Diana whether he could invite  Hardick for the holiday too. Diana pretends casually that she is completely indifferent to Hardick’s presence  and agrees upon calling him for the vacation. Sid also  informs Diana that Hardick has a new girl in his life now.

The next day, Sid meets up Hardick to divulge his evil plans. He offers  to hire a prostitute for Hardick who would pretend to be his girlfriend,  and in the bargain,  both of them would enjoy the holiday to the hilt. Sid obviously has no loyalty towards his  girlfriend Ishi, who loves and trusts him blindly.

Here enters Lisa – a sexy, vivacious and voluptuous prostitute…. drop  dead  gorgeous!!! Hardick  hires Lisa to act as his girlfriend and fulfill their lusty wishes during the trip. Lisa, who would do anything for a huge amount of money, agrees for  the deal.

Everyone is geared up for the trip. Upon reaching their meeting point,  Sid, Ishi, Diana and her new boyfriend Eddy meet up Hardick and Lisa. A wave of intense hatred, jealously and revenge washes down both Diana and Hardick. Though, both of them try hard to hide their awkwardness, it’s very evident. During their journey, Diana and Hardick have heated exchanges on many occasions, creating a lot of tension.

Their journey comes to a sudden halt when Sid stops off a dockyard. They have to cross the sea to reach the Island. The dockyard is a strange dilapidated place. It’s creepy, silent and abandoned. Finding no one around,  the group decides to explore the place. Suddenly from somewhere an old, grumpy boatman comes out. They request him to help them cross the sea on his boat but he refuses outrightly.. However, he offers  them his boat if they want it, to ride on their own.  The group has no option but  to agree.

They leave towards the island. What happens after that is something these guys had never expected…

Strange twists and turns  bring them to the island where someone has been waiting for them… Completely unaware, they are quietly followed and trapped in the deep and thick jungle. The gang loses their way, as well as their patience. After a lot of struggle they manage to find the lodge which has been prepared to welcome them eagerly. There is something inexplicably strange and weird about that lodge. But only Ishi can sense the weirdness, no one else.

Amidst the intoxication of boozing and drugs, love is somewhere lost. Everyone is deceiving everyone. Sid has evil plans to sleep with Lisa while Ishi is dozed out. Hardick has already booked Lisa for his lusty desires, waiting for a chance. For  Diana, Eddy is nothing more than a tool to make Hardick jealous. She has fooled Eddy to accompany her on  the trip, for the same purpose. Once Eddy realises this, he feels very offended and doesn’t take the slight  lightly. Though  Eddy is no good.  After knowing that Lisa is a prostitute, he also looks for his chance with her.

ln their drunkenness, none of them is able to  see the ghastly fate awaiting them……………………….
What is that fate?
Who or what is in that lodge?
Lust kills love but does love survive?
In the web of deceit, lust and revenge,  does the old saying hold true…………………………..

‘WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND’      ?????????????

You can read the entire synopsis here. At first blush, the film looks inspired from other ‘situational horror films’ like Gumaan, which was inspired from Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.

The entire starcast of X Zone is:

Hasan Zaidi, Kapil Arya, Diandra Soares, Ganesh Yadav, Zohaib Siddiqui, Shyama Khan,  Reema Sinha, Samir Khan and Hrishitaa Bhatt.

The other crew is:

Produced & Directed by:
Faisal Kapadi

Online Directors :
Ranju Varghese

Associate Director :
Darshak Shah

Written by:
Faisal Kapadi

Music by: Sangeeta Pant

DOP: Naren Gedia

Edited by: Shekhar

Choreographer: Ranju Varghese

Executive Producer : Moin Khan


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