Saansein: The Last Breath loses out because of a weak screenplay

For more than 3 decades since the seventies, Bollywood horror filmmakers had limited resources to make a good horror film. Either they didn’t have the budget to make a film in a manner that they’d want to, or they could never find a saleable name for the exhibitors to take notice. Vikram Bhatt changed all that with Raaz. That film not just launched Bipasha Basu but gave a whole new life to the horror genre, essentially bringing it out of the smaller circuit to mainstream Bollywood.  More and more producers, directors and actors now tried their hand at horror and Saansein: The Last Breath is one such film.

Saansein: The Last Breath Synopsis:

Shirin is a young woman who works as a singer in a disco. She is the victim of a strange, supernatural power who protects her in his own weird way but also tortures her. Shirin has given up on her future and only has a young sister and her friend and owner of the club, Tania, to share her pain with. In this scenario comes Abhay, a young, rich man who falls in love with her and decides to rid Shirin of her problem, once and for all.

Saansein: The Last Breath Review:

Hawa was a unique Bollywood horror film when it released in the early 2000s. The Tabu starrer was trashed for being inspired by the Hollywood horror film The Entity even then. So, in 2016, it makes little sense to make a horror film that’s essentially a rip-off of The Entity, with only some desi masala added.

But that’s okay, one doesn’t actually accept stellar performances from a horror film, nor does anyone accept a crackling and riveting script from a film that’s about to spook you. But Saansein: The Last Breath doesn’t even pass the minimum qualification when it comes to these two aspects of film-making. The script would be better off in one of the later episodes of a pulp horror show. It’s definitely not something that would be a launchpad of a popular actress. The Bollywood horror film’s screenplay leaves a lot to be desired. It spectacularly fails to create any romantic connection between the two main characters. It also throws logic to the wind. Why would a bartender give a singer’s number to someone that he has met for the first time?

This Bollywood horror film is a missed chance. Sonarika Bhadoria was Mouni Roy before Mouni Roy was Mouni Roy. There’s no doubt about her fanbase back with her portrayal of Goddess Parvati and Aadi Shakti. In 2016, Sonarika was also one of the most striking faces in the Indian television circuit. She could have hit the big time with a horror film – which generally allows for more skin-show – by turning glamourous but somehow that didn’t happen too.

So, it was a bit of a surprise that she opted to be launched into Bollywood with a horror film. However, what was more surprising is that the makers couldn’t latch in on this and create a leverage. This was Sonarika Bhadoria’s last Bollywood film.

Rajneish Duggal does a decent job, but his role doesn’t require a lot of histrionics. He basically plays the supporting boyfriend. However, his character is bogged down because of the screenplay – his character literally falls in love with Shirin at first sight.  Now, that’s something that the new audience cannot believe. Hiten Tejwani provides able support and so does Neetha Shetty.

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