Bipasha Basu's Instagram photo shows why she's India's Scream Queen

Every generation has had a scream queen. In India, it started with Sahila Chadha and Aarti Agarwal, and then went on with the likes of Archana Puran Singh. After Archana Puran Singh, there weren’t many scream queens of note – but that changed in 2003, when Bipasha Basu ruled the roost with her scream queen turn in Jism.

Jism was one of the first Bollywood Horror Films to be turned into a franchise -and a successful one at that. It goes without saying, that the first film and the actors left such an indelible mark on Bollywood that it started off a while franchise. In a horror film, the female lead is the most important – she has to be equal parts vulnerable and gutsy enough to make the audience root for her. And that’s what Bipasha brought to the table with her role in Jism.

And we have proof now that Bipasha has a natural tendency to ramp up the eerieness even in a simple photoshoot. The above photo is not a film promo, but a private photoshoot that’s Bipasha Instagrammed a photo out of. Tell us if you don’t feel that Bipasha’s one of India’s top scream queens.

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