Presage: The Edit Room Fails to Impress


We loved the Presage series when we saw ‘The Mirror’. The three films had great concepts that were shot with an amazing crisp hand. Some would say that the concept of ‘quick horror’ was inspired by ‘Lights Out’. But, taking Presage in the context of Indian horror, it was definitely a markedly better product than the other fare that’s around.

The latest offering in the Bollywood horror web series, ‘The Edit Room’ leaves you unsatisfied. The film uses a ‘meta’ – a lone editor editing a horror film – the film is none other than the first Presage film that impressed us, ‘The Mirror’. The editor complains over the phone that the film doesn’t have a horror element.

The Bollywood horror short film could have been an interesting, genre wide statement on how horror elements needn’t always be blatant and blunt, but the franchise doesn’t take that road this time. It devolves into a typical horror film that wants to add gore but doesn’t have the resources, or the wherewithal for it.

The direction throughout the series is the same,and that’s a positive point. We love the faux sepia, tight shots with bokeh backgrounds. That adds the right amount of mystery, gloom and suspense to the series. In fact, this was the first aspect that actually drove us to the series. While that’s intact throughout, its the concept that’s not correct, this time around.

We are surprised why this Bollywood horror series uses comical VFX to bring the horror elements to screen. The production values of the Bollywood horror series are fantastic otherwise. It also has a fantastic cast. With all this in mind,  we wonder what prompted the director this time to use basically Photoshop and Premiere graphics for the horror elements.

In fact, the final horror element is literally taken from an animation that was used for fun PC pranks back in the nineties. Not something we expected from a Bollywood horror webseries that was supposed to introduce situation and environment horror to a whole new generation of Indians.


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