Bollywood needs Sajid Khan's Horror Film, Here's Why.

Sajid Khan is back, people – and he is back with two projects. One of them is a horror film that he says is a small budget film. We love him for that. History tells us that small budget, sharply made horror films have a better chance at the box office than bloated big ticket ones. SaamriCom has firm faith in Sajid’s Bollywood project. That’s because SaamriCom and Sajid Khan have something in common – an unadulterated love for the Ramsays.

Sajid is a self confessed Ramsay horror fan – that brand of horror that quite frankly introduced entire generations to horror in India. Sajid talks about his love for the Ramsays in Shamya Dasgupta’s book about the Ramsays, ‘Don’t Disturb The Dead’. He has been quoted multiple times in that book, almost in every chapter. So, there’s no doubt that Sajid understands the film-making style that the Ramsays followed.

In fact, someone else from Sajid’s family is part of the Ramsay trope too. Farah Khan, Sajid Khan’s sister is part of the most epic spoof in Bollywood history – Jagdeep doing a Michael Jackon in Michael Jackson’s thriller. To get more proof whether the Khans get the Ramsays, watch this video:

Further proof that Sajid really loves this genre is his recent Twitter update. Well, he is one of the only Bollywood actors who really knew who Tobe Hooper was, as is proven by this Twitter update of his:

And he also knows George Romero:

Well, his Twitter account will make you go wet. He knows his camp, because he has a Badle ki Aag reference. He also says his life started when he saw ‘Star Wars’. One of his tweets also talks about ‘Starship Troopers’.

Now let’s hope he doesn’t get some big time producer who ruins the project.

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