'Click' is a poor man's Raaz

Shreyas Talpade is a highly talented actor. He was noticed in Om Shanti Om in Bollywood. He is a legit superstar in Marathi cinema since a while. So, like Bollywood is prone to do, it tried to cash in on Shreyas’ new-found recognition with a film – ‘Click’, a horror film that starred him and, South Actress Sadha, Sneha Ullal and others.

Click Synopsis

Shreyas plays a photographer, Avi, with a large group of friends and a girlfriend, Sonia. One day, as Avi and Sonia return from a party, they commit a hit and run. Terrified, the two drive away. However, the idea that someone has died because of them makes both of them distraught. As the two try to trace the girl, Avi and Sonia are haunted by a spirit. They later find out that the spirit that’s haunting them is actually someone from Shreyas’ past. As the bodies start tumbling, Sonia tries to find out the truth, while Avi tries his level best not to reveal his hidden past.

Click Review

‘Click is a Bollywood horror film that’s’ a re-imagination of the Korean film ‘Shutter’. That film had official remakes in several languages. This Bollywood horror film is the result of an idea in the early 2000s that Bollywood horror needed to be cleaned up and newer, better ideas should make their way into Bollywood. There was this idea that the public had enough of the iconic Bollywood horror stories like Purana Mandirs and the Purani Havelis and wanted something new.

Unsurprisingly, the plot points like the one in ‘Click’ just didn’t click with Indian audiences. Which is interesting, because the plot point is taken from some real life events that happened in America in the 90s – of course, they added a Bollywood twist to it. In fact, one of the sequences in the film actually became a landmark case in America.

It is difficult to like ‘Click’. Shreyas Talpade and Sada have zero chemistry in this Bollywood horror film.  Even a couple of sensual songs couldn’t make the audience emotionally invested in their characters or the relationship that they have.

It is difficult for the audience to connect with Shreyas as a photographer who allegedly sexually assaulted a woman and therefore is now haunted. For at least the Bollywood audience, he’s played a fun, snarky character.  This middling Horror film isn’t that well made to support that kind of character change right off the bat.

Apart from the 3 main characters, the only other who’s recognizable is Chunky Pandey. Chunky Pandey is doing some good work now, but unfortunately, he ends up hamming in this film.

But what really disappoints the audience are the badly directed spook sequences. It takes a long, long time for the spook factor in any sequence to actually come up in this film. The story doesn’t leave much space for jump scares too. For Indian audiences, it was only the second Bollywood horror film that showed the haunted protagonist not being released from the spirit. Unfortunately, the film that inspired this one, Shutter, had the same exact ending.

This Bollywood horror film a suffers from bad CGI. The Ramsays stopped using smoke and darkness to hide their main characters back in the 90s with Bandh Darwaza. In the 2000s, there’s no reason for the film-maker to resort to bad CGI and situational aspects to hide the face of their spirit.

Parting Shot:

Films like ‘Click’ proved that the weird stories from the other Asian countries weren’t always a saleable thing to Indian audiences.


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