Confirmed: Gotham sees Batman

This was the question on everyone’s lips the moment Gotham lit up on TV screens. When was the Bat going to make an appearance? Of course, earlier on, purists said that the adult Batman would never show up on the series  – but we all knew. We just knew that a series that changed the way we saw the Batman franchise would bring in the caped crusader sometime or the other. David Mazouz, who plays the younger version of the series had said earlier that he might be donning the cape. The latest handouts at Comic Con prove that David is a man of his word:

Courtesy: TVInsider

This exclusive poster available on TVInsider shows Ben McKenzie’s Commissioner Gordon still holds the major billing. It also shows Bruce in a pre-vigilante avatar, his coat-tails billowing in the wind suspiciously looking like the famous cowl and cape – even if in the third season. This is the first time that the newer version of the Caped Crusader will be on the small screen.

Gotham will hit FOX on September 28. Stay tuned!

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