CryptTV's The Chosen is a disturbing short film

Very few horror films can achieve what The Chosen does in the under 10 minute run-time. The shor horror film is equal parts gory and interesting. The scattered screenplay is what actually holds this slasher horror film together. The screenplay makes it one of the most interesting short films that we’ve seen in a while now.  The story is mindblowingly fresh and leaves us with an ‘ah-ha’ as the credits roll. Horror short films like The Chosen prove that this genre is as deep as any, and not all stories that could be told are told.  Watch this interesting horror film here:

Velma – Leslie Gomez
Riju Maya Martillini
Father – Brian Blu
Mother – Vene Arcoraci
Brother – Nicolas Dodero
Slime Riju – Arlene Gonzalez
Cult Members – Wyatt Williams, Ozz Cipriano, Evan Yeager, Selina Rakin, Sherese Welsh

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