Devil’s Doorway takes us to a time forgotten

Devil’s Doorway is one of the rare Catholic horror films that release. The film is based on the true life instances of Magadalene’s Laundaries. Magdalene Laundries were home to several woman back in the 60s. These women were typically whose who got pregnant outside wedlock,  Rumors suggested that all wasn’t well with this concept and several things cover ups took place in these Laundries. Now, director Aislinn Clarke some of these rumours to the screen with her film, Devil’s Doorway.  In the film, two Priests visit a Magdalene Laundry after some weird occurrences unnerve the members of the Laundry.

 In this film, two Priests visit a Magdalene Laundry because of certain events. On their arrival, they find that all is not well in the place. They talk to a woman who is pregnant and kept in solitary confinement. On further research, they find out that the woman is a virgin. Devil’s Doorway is poised to become one of the most controversial films to talk about Christianity because of the subject material. Aislinn Clarke’s stupendous direction gives this a intense, fast tone that leaves the audience gasping for breath – and more.

Lalor Roddy and Ciana Fynn are the two priests who arrive, and are led to question their very faith. Helena Bereen as the Sister handling it all is effortlessly chilling. Watch the trailer here:

Devil’s Doorway has the eerieness of the horror films we saw in the sixties and the seventies. Director Aislinn Clarke depends on the old school of shock and awe, instead of the retro shlock and post modern situational/psychological horror.

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