Doga Short Film Shooting starts with Doga mask CGI revelation

Sanjay Gupta has announced that the short film on the Indian comic character Doga is now in the shooting process. He has been posting about the progress on his Facebook page. Earlier, he posted the CGI of Doga’s iconic mask. Later on, Sanjay posted a photo of the entire Doga crew on his Facebook profile page.


Doga is one of the first indigenous Indian superheroes, coming from the Raj Comics stable. Doga is the story of Suraj, an orphan who is adopted by a dacoit. Seeing all the atrocities that the dacoit commits, Suraj turns into a sociopath. Finally, he escapes and is taken care of by Adrak Chacha, who also teaches him martial arts and other fighting styles. When tragedy befalls Adrak Chacha, Suraj finally becomes a vigilante, masking himself with a dog mask.

This is not the first time that Doga’s character has been spoken of in film circles. Earlier, Anurag Kashyap had announced that he wanted to make a film on the character. There were talks of Kunal Kapoor being in talks for playing the titular character.

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