Eagle Home Entertainment returns with Galti

Eagle Home Entertainment was the mainstay of Bollywood entertainment for a long while but it disappeared for a while. Now, Eagle is back with what looks like an erotic thriller, titled Galti, which translates into English as The Mistake. Galti stars Arun Kant and Anushka Shrivastava.

Galti’s trailer reveals the story, which is pretty interesting. A young, beautiful woman falls in love with a man and gets into a relationship with him, only to have him revealed to be a psychotic man who’s baying for her blood.┬áBande Prasad directs this film, produced by Mohanlal Mahto and Santosh Vishwakarma.

This is one of the more interesting thriller films that I have seen coming out of Bollywood. The star cast isn’t phenomenally well known so that could work in favor of this film, as the script and concept could very well the superstar of Galti.


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