Faisal Saif exposes the dark side of making indie horror films

The indie movie making market is a cesspool of controversies. Small budgets and people looking to making a mark for themselves tend to create situations that nobody foresees or can handle. And unfortunately, Bollywood director Faisal Saif has landed himself into a soup. Faisal Saif has made a couple of horror films that were well received. His next film, Sheitaan, is now facing problems – allegedly because of his lead actor, Nirab Hossain.

According to Faisal Saif, Niraj Hossain and he were introduced to each other by a common friend. When Niraj found out that Faisal was in the process of making a Bollywood horror film, he suggested himself in the cast. Later on, Niraj promised Faisal that he would dub the film in Bangal and ensure that it releases in Bangladesh.

However, Faisal says that nothing of that sort has happened and Niraj has ignored him after the film has wrapped up. He now claims that he is facing a loss of 50 lakhs. He also blames Niraj for the delay in his film’s release in India. We got in touch with the director and asked him how Niraj’s dishonouring of the contract has affected the film. Faisal had this to say:

I signed a contract saying Sheitaan will first be released in Bangladesh. I honoured the contract and didn’t release the film even after the buzz for the same was created. That will definitely ramp up my losses.

Faisal Saif has updated several pieces of information about his side of the story since a few days. Now, he has uploaded a video that gives a briefer about the entire story. You can watch his side of the story here:


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