5 Retro Indian Fantasy Television Series For Streaming

The era of Golden Indian television is making its way to Amazon and how! Amazon Prime just dropped the entire season of the super Indian Fantasy Television Series Shaktimaan. This makes Shaktimaan one of the very few series from that era to stream onĀ  any OTT platform. . The show premiered in September 1993 and went on till 2005. This makes Shaktimaan one of the longest running television series as well. Shaktimaan was one of the first tv series to have such a huge following. Here are five other series from the Silver Era of Indian Television that should be available:

#1 Shaka Laka Boom Boom

Shaka Laka Boom Boom was another one of the popular Indian Fantasy Television series in the nineties . Shaka Laka Boom Boom survived several story changes. It started out as a young boy getting a magical pencil. Later, it became a young boy being tortured by his evil step mother. They also had a magic school concept somewhere in between, because Harry Potter. The series also had a love arc somewhere in between. The Indian TV series survived all of it, becoming one of the most memorable series in India.

#2 Alif Laila

Nineties children will perk if you play the signature tune of Alif Laila, the popular Indian fantasy television series. Alif Laila was a retelling of the 1001 Arabian Nights stories and was quite popular in India. Surely the episodes of Alif Laila will be a treasure trove for streaming channels.

#3 Chandrakanta

The only Indian Fantasy Television Series in this list that had a tryst with controversy. Chandrakanta was a very popular series on the national carrier, Doordarshan. That was until it was pulled off unceremoniously, only to be reinstated later. The series was so popular that TV czarina Ekta Kapoor made revisited the story around 10 years later.

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