Fukrey Returns is how supernatural films should be made

Bollywood has a lot of horror films – but very, very few supernatural films. Even those have a very serious script and storyline. Somewhere, the adventure factor is always missing. So, when Excel Entertainment gave us Fukrey, we were pleasantly surprised.

Here was a film with supernatural themes that was a light hearted, well performed and had great entertainment value. Ask anyone how they’d tag Fukrey and they’d say its an adventure film, or a comedy film or something like that. Nobody’ll say that it’s a supernatural film. That’s where it wins. After all, didn’t someone say that the biggest ruse of the devil is that he proved his non existence? In the same way, Fukrey used a central supernatural theme and wove an exciting entertainer.

The trailer for the second film just dropped and we are gobsmacked and excited in equal measure. The first film is so memorable because of the immortal characters, like Choocha, Bholi Punjaban, Hunny, Lali and Zafar. This time around too, all of them are back with a bang and promise a lot, lot more mazaa than any film that’s released this year.  Fukrey Returns releases December 10. Watch the awesome trailer here:

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