He Man and the Masters of the Universe comes to Netflix

Netflix has earmarked billions for content acquisition and it looks like 2017 is going to be the year that Netflix goes on all to get content. The latest to land on Netflix is He Man and the Masters of the Universe in all its unadulterated 80s glory. A total of 63 episodes are available in what’s labeled as Season 1 of He Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983)

While this is good news, it’s interesting to see that Netflix offers it in how we used to see it in the 80s, It even has a letterbox resolution, which means that on a 32 Inch TV, we get big black stripes on either side – taking away much of the viewing experience.  This means that this is not a re-mastered version. The video quality too is exactly similar to what viewers saw back in the 80s. Whether that’s your cup of tea, you decide.

However, with this, Netflix becomes the only place to bring the famous and loved franchise to the Internet in a systematic manner.

It’s good to see that the franchise is finally seeing some money. He Man is one of the infamous ‘jinxed franchises’ that had a cult following but were riddled with problems. Recently, there’s been talk of a He Man film but most of it has been rumour.  The first film released in 1987, when the series was at it’s peak.  There’s talk of a new He Man reboot since 2007 but the script has been changing hands. The latest update on that is that there’s a film coming out sometime in 2019.

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