Arthur Miller's The Crucible is part of this psychological thriller

The Salem Witch Trials could be the most infamous occurrence in supernatural history. Arthur Miller based his book, The Crucible on that. Now, a film has The Crucible as a plot point and its plot is as weird ans shocking as The Crucible’s is.


Blame is set in a college and tells the story of Abigail, a introvert to becomes obsessed by a fictional character that she reads about. As school progresses, Abigail wins a spot in a school play based on The Crucible. This infuriates Melissa, Abigail’s classmate¬† – who until now was only amused about Abigail’s obsession with the fictional character. In a fit of jealousy, Melissa weaves a plot that harks danger for everyone involved.


Quinn Shepard writes and directs this film. It stars Quinn Shepard, Nadia  Alexander, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Marcia DeBonis, Tessa Albertson, Sarah Mezzanotte, Owen Campbell, Luke Slattery, Tate Donovan and Chris Messina.

I liked the initial concept of the film. Very few films take school grounds as the home of psychiatric situations. This is also one of the first films that hint at exploring the relationship that a reader and a character has.


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