It might become all time highest horror grosser by next week

Hollywood horror film IT has broken box office records all over. It might soon become the highest grossing Hollywood horror film of all time. According to IMDB, that record is currently held by The Sixth Sense, that grossed more than $600 million at the box office. M Night Shyamalan truly brought back the big money horror film, as it was made on a modest budget of $40 million. Before Sixth Sense, horror films like Jaws and The Exorcist were known for breaking box office records.

Currently, IT is running towards the $300 million at the box office and this is just the two week run. The film was released in more than 45 territories. It even made a respectable 100 million in India. That is respectable for any Hollywood film. It means that the IT has made half of its total box office collection from India, even with all the cuts and the ratings that the Censor Board is famous for.

With IT, film-makers have once again proved that horror is a money spinning genre if done right. India is right now looking at a horror upheaval with the media concentrating on horror. Prawal Raman’s Dobara, which released earlier this year made its budget within the first weekend. That Bollywood horror film was the official remake of Oculus. Earlier, Annabelle 2 made about $15 million in India.

Horror films breaking out at the box office is quite rare. In fact, before the Conjuring juggernaut hit, the last psychological horror that made big bucks at the box office was David Fincher’s Se7en in 1995.


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