People are not liking the Leatherface idea

The latest trailer for Leatherface is out and horror fans are yet to get to terms with the idea that one of their favourite Hollywood horror franchise is being given a origin story. Leather face is a prequel to the original and Texas Chainsaw 3D, released in 2013, which was a financial success. Leatherface premiered at FrightFest ’17 in August. It releases in US on October 20.

The trailer shows a young boy turning into the infamous killer – and hints at the idea of his mother actually prodding him to become what he becomes at the end of it all. Basically, the long-ish trailer tells the entire origin story. A young boy with mental issues becomes a psycho killer when he’s mistreated at a mental asylum – and he makes a happy group that comprises of other killers too. YouTube is scattered with negative comments about the trailer and with such a negative retreat already, I wonder how the film will actually fare at the box office.

Some users are just asking why Hollywood cannot come up with new villains. They reckon that everyone from Leatherface to Myers have become too old and its time they are forgotten. Others are of the opinion that such villains should not have a origin story as their mystique is what made them so interesting.

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