Stan Lee Produced The Sandman trailer will give you the creeps

Stan Lee rarely comes out of the comic book zone, but when it does, it does it with style. Stan Lee executive produces The Sandman, which will premiere on SyFy in October has several horror elements to it. Here’ the synopsis:

Eight-year-old ‘Madison’ (Shae Smolik) who, when her father is found dead, goes to live with her aunt ‘Claire’ (Haylie Duff), a struggling artist in a nearby city. It isn’t long before Claire realizes that the young girl has unusual powers, including the ability to manifest a frightening boogeyman she calls “The Sandman.” Claire quickly begins to suspect that the Sandman might be responsible not only for the death of Madison’s father, but many other victims across the country.”

I am thinking that this Sandman has nothing to do with the other Sandman character in the Marvel Universe. The synopsis patents this as a horror film. This makes me wonder whether Stan Lee is going to keep horror elements in their work. Earlier, there were rumors that Marvel’s New Mutants would be a full-fledged horror film. So, this becomes the first time that Stan Lee’s creation dabbles in horror and the second time would be Marvel’s New Mutants, that releases sometime in 2018.

Watch the full trailer here:

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