Let Her Out Trailer will leave you hungry for more

Let Her Out is the latest horror film to join the list of Hollywood horror. Let Her Out stars Alana Levierge, Adam Christie and Nina Kiri. Cody Calahan directs this Adam Seybold script.

Let Her Out is about a bike courier who has an accident, and her entire life changes post that incident. She experiences strange episodic black-outs, hallucinations and other such experiences. Finally, learning that she has a tumor, she realises that a benign growth in her uterus is remnant of a vanishing twin. Helen now experiences psychotic experiences that are dangerous for her as well as her best friend, Molly.

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Films like Let Her Out prove me wrong. I am someone who thinks that everything that could be made in the horror genre is made – but films like me not just prove me wrong, but gobsmack me right out of the arena. Of course, my defeat is good for horror film fans – because it means that they get more interesting concepts to watch.

Few films have tried body horror and lesser have succeeded. In Bollywood, scream queen Bipasha Basu was part of the erotic horror Alone, which also starred her husband Karan Singh Grover with limited success. Looking at the trailer, Let Her Out is well made and has all the gore and grist that such a concept would require. You watch the trailer here:

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