Blumhouse decides Creep requires a sequel

Creep is a little known web film that streamed back in 2015. The film is now available on Netflix, and tells the story of a Josef, a man dying of cancer who hires a videographer, Aaron, so he could make some home movies that would serve as memories of him.  long after he’s gone. Josef doesn’t want to make videos for just about anyone – but his unborn child. Soon, Aaron learns that things aren’t as they look like. Critics and the masses received Creep very well.

Watch the trailer of the first short film here:

Now, Blumhouse Production has decided to give Creep a sequel. And there are big names involved with the entire project. The credits tell us that the Producers behind films like Insidious, The Purge make this short film with the super-indie look. Watch the trailer of the upcoming short film here. Tell us in the comments section what you feel!

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