Hrishitaa Bhatt Sizzles In X Zone

X Zone is the first film that faced censorship issues since the new Censor Chief, Prasoon Joshi came in.  The film might still take some more time to launch. However,  the film makers have uploaded another searing hot song video from the film, featuring Hrishitaa Bhatt and Zohaib Siddiqui. The song, titled ‘Tu Jism’ is a romantic song. The Censor Board created problems for the film. The Facebook Page of the film  announced earlier that the film has passed the censors and it will release sometime this year. The Facebook page also talks about a screening – that was cancelled because of rains.

The initial trailers of the film are impressive, and with a screenplay having aspects that are common, the film might just strike a chord with the theater going audience today. The trailer of the film has been around since a while. It shows that the film is about a  group of friends who end up staying in a deserted bungalow, only to experience danger and death at the hands of a supernatural entity. While we don’t know when the film will release actually, the YouTube channel has been uploading teasers and trailers at regular intervals. The recent upload introduces the audience to the song ‘Tu Jism Hai’

Watch the song here:

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