James Wan Fan Page announces wrap up of his project Ahab

An Aquaman film is in the works and details about the film are sketchy. We know that acclaimed director James Wan is attached to the show as director and co-writer. So, I got excited seeing a post on a James Wan Fan Page showing James Wan with a clapboard that says Ahab and announced that shooting for the film is now over. The post doesn’t reveal which movie the clapboard scenes are from. But read the post here:


HOLY MACKEREL — After nearly a whole year away, and 5 months of photography (122 days of filming), we finally wrapped. By the end, we were crawling to the finish line. Beyond exhausted. But it was such an amazing experience to be back in beautiful Australia, shooting this film.

It was the most technically laborious and difficult movie I’ve ever shot — meticulous design work, effects heavy, and challenging stunts. Every scene took forever to set up and shoot. Nothing was simple, not even a “simple dialogue scene” between two people in the underwater world. Actors had to be rigged to “swim”, shot against blue-screen, practical effects involved, and constant VFX work of flowing hair/costume. Shooting these scenes made me long for the indie days of filming two actors stuck in a grimy toilet. (Speaking of which, JIGSAW opens this weekend — go see it!! 😉


I digress. It was also one of the best filmmaking experiences I’ve had. The Australian and US crew were fantastic and incredibly talented — every department rose to the challenge beyond my wildest expectations.

So MASSIVE, COLOSSAL, KRAKEN-LIKE “THANK YOU” TO EVERYONE INVOLVED. From the crew to the amazing cast. It was a pleasure and honor to work with you all.

I’ve finally surfaced for air, momentarily (hi everyone!), and now I’m diving into the gargantuan Post work at hand (bye everyone!).

See you all in a year’s time. Hope all is well. Let me know if the apocalypse is around the corner, otherwise I’ll be here, minding my own business, putting this thing together. Oh, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Did I mention JIGSAW is out this weekend???!

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  1. Nice, I’m looking forward to seeing how Aquaman comes out. I must say that I like the direction they took him over the past few years, as I have liked the direction they have taken with some other old characters such as Wonder Woman.

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