Jitin Gulati is King Tailap in Prithvi Vallabh

Jitin Gulati was part of the biggest web series to come out of India, Inside Edge and he has now bagged another interesting role in the television series Prithvi Vallabh, which airs on Sony TV since January. In the series, he plays the parallel negative lead.

Jitin Gulati- Prithvi Vallabh Show on Sony TV 4

Prithvi Vallabh is a unique story of two archrivals that starts with hatred on a battlefield and ends up becoming the biggest love story. It will present an untold story of an era when relentless pursuit of ambition was most celebrated and will have the element of both mystery and fiction. With an amalgamation of art, culture love and war, the show will depict an era where Indian kingdoms were fiercely protective about their wealth and masses. The story is based on the life and times of Vakpati Munja.

Jitin Gulati- Prithvi Vallabh Show on Sony TV 5

The series is created by Writer’s Galaxy.

Indian Mythology is very interesting and makes for some great reading and viewing. Recently, several Indian historical and mythological series have hit the screens. There’s Porus, which is again based on the real-life Indian history.

Jitin Gulati- Prithvi Vallabh Show on Sony TV 3

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