Kanti Shah is not married to Sapna

Kanti Shah is one of the most infamous film-makers in India. We have covered his zero budget films several times. Directors of the Bollywood horror genre are reclusive. Sometimes, that’s the reason so much false information about them meanders all around. One of the most infamous rumour is that Kanti Shah is married to Sapna, the actress who features in many of his films.

While that would be the most romantic thing ever, it’s false. Sapna is not married to Kanti Shah.

Sapna married in 2013. She posted a throwback photo with her husband, from 2013. In 2015, she also announced that they were expecting their first child. The photos clearly show that Sapna is not married to Kanti Shah, as it is popularly though.

Sapna Tanveer has mostly worked with Kanti Shah in several of his films. She has acted in his horror films as well as the sexually laden films that he later made. Her last well known film that released was ‘No Entry’, sometime in 2006.

Kanti Shah and Sapna Tanveer once again grabbed headlines when they announced their film, based on the Indrani Mukherjee – Sheena Bohra murder case. The film, titled ‘Sheena Murder Case’ has courted controversy now and then, with Sapna tweeting posters and other images about the ‘Sheena Murder Case’.

The last Kanti Shah project that grabbed eyeballs was the one with a poster that was quite similar to the infamous PK Poster – only, there was a woman posing with the transistor radio.

There are thousands of Kanti Shah rumors, or facts, whatever you think they are. After all, the guy is making films since the past 20 years now. While we cannot vouch for any of them, this is the one that we can negate.

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