Leatherface story inspired by Sylvia Likens murder?

As a horror and and a horror website contributor, I come across several sad, sad instances of the simple non existence of humanity. While I remember many, the one that still makes my stomach churn, my cheeks burn with anger and my eye balls go red is the Sylvia Likens murder.

This was, and is, the single most account of a gruesome crime that makes me wonder about many things. I will not put up a link here to it because of reasons. There have been some films made on the murder and I haven’t seen any one of them. I wouldn’t promoteĀ  a film that’s even slightly based on that because of reasons. I am sure, many of my readers will understand this. And the ones who understand it, will understand my surprise to see that a film’s storyline has a startling similarity to this real-life crime.

That film is Leatherface, and I wonder if this piece of news will do any good to this film, after the tremendous negative response it’s got from fans and critics alike. Early reviews tell us that Leatherface is about a young girl who’s killed by a family of inbreds. Turns out that young girl is the daughter of a police officer, who makes it his life’s work to book the culprits.

This synopsis becomes an infuriating one. At best the scriptwriters didn’t know anything about the Likens murder, at worst, they could’t be bothered to check whether their script would cause discomfort. People would say that the Sylvia Likens case never got any real closure..

I may come across as a spoilsport, or someone who doesn’t understand ‘films’. Some newer horror fans might even wonder whether ‘I am a horror fan, dude’. Maybe I am a bit old fashioned that way, but I think that scriptwriters should carry out some due diligence before setting up a script. Think about it, if this film was to be a blockbuster, the killing scene would become canon, a platform on which another Hollywood franchise was made.


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