Most Beautiful Island adds a thrill aspect to immigrancy

New York city has inspired several film-makers to weave incredible stories. Ana Asensio joins this growing tribe with her film Most Beautiful Island. MBH tells the story of undocumented females in New York City and something dangerous that comes their way. The film stars Ana Asensio, Natasha Romanova, David Little, Nicholas Tucci, Larry Fessenden and Capris Benedetti.


Most Beautiful Island is another concept that’s inspired us. It is good to see that Hollywood thrillers are moving away from the horror and psychological aspects like people trapped in a room and whatnot. This is good news for both horror fans and people wanting to experiment with newer aspects in horror and thrillers.

Jenn Wexler, Chadd Harbold, Harry Fessenden and Noah Greenberg produce. Executive producer duties are completed by Peter Phok, Jose Maria Garcia, Ahmet Bilgen, Selim Cevikel, Christopher Todd and Gill Holland.┬áThe trailer is emotionally wrought and promises a thrilling yet emotional ride into the cultural smorgasbord that’s NYC. Watch the trailer here:

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