Netflix has a success with The Worst Witch

Worst Witch is an immensely popular franchise. It started out as books then went on to become two TV series as well as the one that’s now available on Netflix. The main cast includes Bella Ramsey, who plays a young girl, Mildred Hubble,  that somehow stumbles upon a school for witches, the Miss Cackle School. Giving her able support is Clare Higgins, who plays the headmistress of the school. The series is set in said school of witches and is an interesting story of female bonding with the perfect amount of supernatural.

The Worst Witch is a very good addition to the several horror/supernatural series that are around. It’s spanking fresh even 30 years after the books released.  The performances are top notch. Bella Ramsey does a great job of portraying a young girl that takes each surprise that life throws at her with a gaping mouth.

What we really liked about the show is the light-heartedness of it all. You can watch the complete two seasons of this series without feeling the heaviness that you’d if you’d watch a Bates Motel or something like that.

The overall colorful scenario, the upbeat music and the made-for-TV effects make this one of the few ‘popcorn supernatural series’ that are around. Supernatural fans looking for a simple binge, Netflix’s The Worst Witch is the one for you.

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