Patron Brings Me Too Moment to Horror

Hollywood Horror has long said good bye to the old concepts of horror and welcomed new ones. Hollywood horror is at a post modern phase. Films like Get Out and A Quiet Place have changed the DNA of horror. Now, a Indie film, Patron, is using horror to support a message with an impact – the #MeToo movement. Patron is an Indie film and has an IndieGoGo page that has all the information you’d need.  According to the page, here’s the concept:

Vickie Black is a young woman working as a maid in London. The ambitious woman lands an interview with an age-old organisation that she thinks is her ticket to big time. However, as the intervciew progresses and her time with the organisation, things get murkier.

Devora Wilde plays Vickie Black. Other members of the cast are Jamie Lee-Hill. Cinematography is by Beatriz Delgado Mena. Emily Haigh is director and co-producer. The other co-producer is Alon Young, who has written the script too. Of special interest is the make-up artist, Mollie Merrifield, who has earlier worked on Kenneth Brannagh’s Artemis Fowl. The synopsis hints at the character going through a physical change. Will we be seeing a female monster? Only the crew knows that – until the release.

Devora Wilde is a Bulgarian actress whose film credits include Ron Howard’s Rush and the upcoming The Dare. She is part of the cast in films like  The Tombs: Rise of the Damned, 999:Killer on the Line and A Precious Life.  Jamie Lee Hill is part of films like Far from the Maddening Crowd, The Hollow Crown as well as the children’s film, Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? He will also be seen in films like Eleven_, Flawless and Faithless. He is also part of the upcoming Cold War thriller, Cheating Charlie.

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