Pocket Film's 'The Draft' is an interesting horror film

Flash horror is fast becoming a popular genre among short film makers. Quick, snappy ideas that are brought to screen in under 5 minutes. Somehow, that timeframe has stuck. You’ll see that most Indian short films – whether horror or otherwise – are under the 10 minute frame, unless they are one of those richly produced ones. Well, that timeframe works well for a horror short film – as The Draft proves.

This is the second meta film that we have seen in two days. A script writer  (horror, we don’t know) is trying to complete his draft, but is disturbed by the happenings around him – weirdly looking like paranormal.  We are liking the fact that more and more film-makers are experimenting with the horror genre, even if that means questioning the very idea of horror films.

The direction is as dull and bleary as it should be in a horror film. The performance is passable, thought it’d have been better if the actor had brought it a few notches lower than what it is currently. But, that shouldn’t keep you from watching this amazing concept. You can watch the whole film here:

‘The Draft’ Cast and Crew:
Director: Aditya Jain
Music / Sound: Shivang chopra, ishan piplani
Editor: Shivang chopra
Cinematographer: Shivang chopra
Actors: Harsh wig
Produced By: Ishan Piplani and Harsh Wig

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