Ragini MMS Returns has everything it promised

The web series spin-off of the Ragini MMS franchise is now streaming on ALTBalaji and we have the first review of this horrex series. Ragini MMS Returns stars Karishma Sharma, Siddharth Gupta, Riya Sen, Nishant Malkani, Dilnaz Irani, Priyanka Bora and others. Here’s our complete Ragini MMS Returns review.

Ragini MMS Returns synopsis: 

Ragini MMS Returns begins with the reopening of a building that houses a college. The college premises is being let out as a wedding hall before the college actually throws its doors open to the students. The couple, Parveen and Suman get married but Parveen has a paranormal experience, that forces him and Suman to run away from the wedding venue. The college starts after a few weeks and the college students – including Ragini, whose mother joins the college as a Biology professor.

Karishma Sharma poses for the cameras

Ragini starts experiencing paranormal activity and even before she can find out what’s happening, one of her friends, Alia, commits suicide. Ragini now decides to find out the truth behind the suicide and comes across a CD that seems to be the reason behind all the brutality going on around her.

Ragini MMS Returns Review:

The show lives up to its promise of being a horrex show. It has equal parts of horror and sex and will keep the target audience hooked. The direction is pretty good and succeeds in creating the spooky atmosphere. I particularly liked the detailing that has gone in setting up the Room No. 13, the room that’s responsible for all the paranormal happenings that the audience sees till now.

The story line promises to be interesting. It hasn’t been revealed completely as yet, but the screenplay has done a good job of teasing and testing the audience with the story. My initial thoughts is that the secret will reek of immorality and debauch. After all, a character in the series has already proclaimed that ‘the college was home to a lot of debauchery’.

Currently, a total of six episodes are available for streaming. The screenplay might be a bit of a lag for audiences who are accustomed to the faster paced screenplays of foreign web series like Daredevil and others. The performances of the main characters are good, but some of the characters come across as screechy and cliched for the audience to care about.

What Ragini MMS Returns is sorely missing right now, is the blood and gore that makes even a small budget indie horror film so memorable. Indian audiences have yet to see a Indian horror film that has done gore right. But seeing that ALTBalaji decided to release this around Diwali time, which is a festival, I don’t think we should wait with a bated breath for any gore or blood in this horrex web series.

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