Ryan Reynolds and Samuel Jackson's 'The Hitman's Bodyguard' hits India on 25th August

Ryan Reynolds donned the red and black. Jackson’s been around handling the Avengers since a while. Both of them are coming together for an out and out action film with a mega intriguing premise – Jackson’s character plays a hitman’s bodyguard. The first posters have been around for a while and the explosive trailer has now found it’s way online.

And while the film’s promises to be explosive and all that, here’s Samuel L Jackson singing a song for the film on the official album. You can hear the song here:


We should say, we are pretty impressed with all the action and mayhem that the makers have scrunched down into the trailer. There’s hand-to-hand combat, there’s cars flying, there’s even a boat blowing up or something. In what could be a first, we see a rocket propeller that’s no bigger than a palm.Well, the film is about a group of evil individuals trying to take over the world – so we should be prepared for some of the most outlandish action sequences and weapons, no? Watch the trailer below:

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