Meet Sapna’s ‘Madam’ Hero with Aryan and Amit Pachauri

Amit Pachauri and Sapna Tanveer absolutely set the screen on fire with their films back in the late nineties and early 2000s. Both these actors were the mainstays of several horror films that were made under various banners, even the more famous Kanti Shah one.


Amit Pachauri has one of the most striking faces in the industry, with a little makeup, this guy can have a striking resemblance to Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and even Sunny Deol to an extent. He’s now done a clean-up and is seen on TV as a police officer in a television series, but looks like he’s planning to return to the silver screen with Sapna Tanveer in the film Madam.


Sapna Tanveer is quite kicked about her new project and has been tweeting about it – with pictures – since quite some time. This month, she put up a tweet in which she posed with Amit Pachauri and Aryan Vaid with the title ‘Hero of my film’.


I am not sure whether she’s referring to Amit or Aryan, but even if it’s both or either of them, this one is gonna be a fun film. And like everything Sapna, Madam too has some fiery sequences.



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