Skeleton Cop trailer promises indie film goodness

Buddy cop films are dime a dozen. Some click and some don’t. The best one I ever saw was, of course, Lethal Weapon  – they even made a successful series as a spin-off. But sometimes, you do get bored of the overly produced, guns blazing cleanly series and films and want to get down and dirty in the indie circuit.

The indie film circuit has almost all genre of films. We can now add one more to that – the buddy cop film Skeleton Cop. As the name suggests, the film is about a cop who’s dead but his skeleton is still working for the police organization.

The trailer shows all the inherent goodness of an indie flick. The production has invested heavily in what’s the most important in a film – the blood splatter!

Along with that, Skeleton Cop boasts of a skeleton shooting guns, using a shotgun and an evil looking woman with her own set of uniform-clad minions. This one is a must-see for indie-crazy fans.

Most of the camera angles are at a triangle, so I just hope the director didn’t get a crickety neck or back pain thrusting and turning for the camera angles. Here’s the trailer, give it a look:


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