Star Trek: Discovery is promising (No Spoilers Review)

Star Trek: Discovery dropped on Netflix today and joined the rank and file of franchises that now have streaming franchises. The series is currently on CBS and Netflix and the first two episodes are available on both.

The good thing about the series is that whether this is your first Star Trek or millionth, the franchise welcomes you with open arms. The very first scene to the very last, the first two episodes are crisp yet full of information. I liked the fact that the series is not burdened by the humongous past that it has. Viewers will grasp the story right from the first frame onward.

Michelle Yeoh plays Captain Phillipa Georgiou of the ISS Shenzhou, and Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) is a human who’s brought up by the Vulcans. Together, they have to combat the latest Klingon attack, even as the events in their past threaten to destroy their future.

The performances are top of the line and the characters seem well written. As is the case of the pilot of a franchise, we see a couple of characters – some of whom we know will play a bigger role in times to come.

This is but, in now a perfect fantasy-action series. One of the things that it misses is raw action. I have seen some cool action sequences in the later films. Looking at none other than Michelle Yeoh in the cast may have made me looking for something bigger than the tame action sequences. What actually got my attention was that Star Trek: Discovery shows anatomical hugeness of a Klingon, as compared to the human race. A well choreographed action sequence will certainly bring out the David and Goliath in this one.

Another aspect that’s a little disheartening is the core concept, which is not dissimilar from any of the superhero trope that’s hitting us left, right and center. They literally have aliens killing humans, Star Trek literally has aliens killing humans, only this time, the year is 2000 million something and this is a space ship.

Another glaring lack is the ‘ah ha’ moment. All great franchises have an ‘ah ha’ moment. A moment that becomes it’s defining one and joins pop culture. At least for now, Star Trek: Discovery has decided to go the staid path, which makes it devoid of humor and maybe character. Because the screenplay doesn’t come up with the aforementioned ‘a ha moments’, the episodes tend to go flat and slow.

But, that doesn’t take away from the fact that Star Trek: Discovery holds promise and is a pretty gripping story to watch. With two episodes out and the rest coming until January next year, this is good news for Trekkies.

Watch the trailer now, first two episodes now streaming on Netflix

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