Ragini MMS Returns Story revealed

Ragini MMS was a superhit supernatural horror film after a long time. That was because of its awesome and unique storyline, something that was rare for Bollywood horror films. The success of the first film made a sequel possible, Ragini MMS 2, the Bollywood horror film that propelled Sunny Leone to fame.

Now, Ragini MMS becomes the first Bollywood film to have a web series spin-off in Ragini MMS Returns.  The horror web series stars Riya Sen, Karishma Sharma, Siddharth Gupta and others. Dilnaz Irani will also be part of the series. Now, seeing tthe previous two horror films had such an intriguing storyline, we were interested finding out the story this web series. And fear not, Wikipedia solves this issue. Here’s the synopsis:

The story is revolve around the life of Simran (Riya Sen), and Ragini (Karishma Sharma). The uncanny haunting that they witness at an old deserted college is at the heart of this story. Running behind the scandalous MMS CD, which has thrilling mysteries and dark secrets to unwind, is what awaits the two in search to fight the freakish energy that surrounds them.

So, this shows that there is a MMS CD in the storyline here too. There’s no clarity about whether this is the same MMS CD that was present in the first film.

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