The Babysitter could be this generation’s Home Alone

Home horror has been around for a while and some might even say that it has become a bit jaded – but Netflix and McG come together to prove those guys wrong with The Babysitter, a slasher flick that starts out like a adolescent’s wet dream but ends up being a blood spattering deal that leaves a lot of blood and at least one death in it’s trail.

This Netflix horror film starsĀ Samara Weaving, Hana Mae Lee,Judah Lewis. It tells us about a boy who’s kept in the care of a hot babysitter, who thinks that he has hit the jackpot, until he finds out that his babysitter is part of a group of child murderers and want to sacrifice him.

The trailer looks deliciously gory and promises a good number of action/thriller scenes that will entertain the crowd enough. McG is known for his fast paced, stylish direction and this horror short film has all the hallmarks of a McG direction. The Babysitter releases on October 13. You can watch the trailer here:

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