The ‘Dhukchuku’ song is as entertaining as Shaitaan Haveli itself

Here’s a nonsurprise, Shaitaan Haveli is getting a lot of appreciation. The horror community is abuzz with how well the series has turned out and I think everyone associated with the project should just keep chill and enjoy – because that’s exactly what’s they are doing in this video of the title track.  I liked the track straight off the bat and thought it was a fitting end to a web series that’s single-handedly brought back retro-horror. Have a peek at this video:

Shaitaan Haveli Title Track

Firstly, i'd like to thank each and everyone one of you for the overwhelmingly positive response to Shaitaan Haveli. When we went into production, I knew we were attempting something different and unique and it's your love and support that makes me wanna continue to do crazy shit like this in the future.Over the last month of the show having released, I've gotten a million messages asking me to release the title track. Before I do that here's a little story about how the song got made.It was on set during a break when Bhupesh Singh ( he plays Hariman in the show) and I were talking and I happened to mention to him that I wanted a very 80's Bappi da kind of song as the title track. I start humming some random tune to him. Bhupesh being a composer himself caught on to it pretty quick and added an extra layer to it ( all this is happening without any instruments btw) Soon enough we had something that sounded 'retro-ish'. We quickly recorded this as a voice note on the phone. The next day Bhupesh came back with an even more refined tune and we started jamming on the lyrics. We knew the lyrics didn't have to be earth shattering. It had to just parody the style of the 80's song. We used every possible word that rhymed with Haveli and came up with a skeleton of the song. This voice note was then sent to our amazing music director Advait Nemlekar. Once back in Bombay, Advait , Bhupesh and Ajay got into a recording studio and made the final track happen.So without any further ado, here's the title track of Shaitaan Haveli. Sung & Composed by Bhupesh SinghMusic by Advait Nemlekar.It's a super catchy song and if it doesn't make you dance, you're probably dead inside. Please enjoy and share it ✌And finally a HUGE thank you to al the folks at Amazon Prime Video India for beliving in this show!watch it here :

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